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February 2002

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Mohammed Agha



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126 York St, Ottawa, ON K1N 5T5

Magmic Boilerplate:

Magmic is an award winning publisher and developer of mobile games since the dawn of the mobile entertainment revolution. Magmic publishes a full range of branded content, from titles including Mattel’s Phase 10, Skip-Bo, Blokus, Hasbro’s Scattergories, and a number of Magmic owned IPs such as Adventure Hearts, Simple suite of card games, and many social casino titles.  Many of Magmic’s games are currently trending in the top card and board game categories.

Well versed in the operating of Freemium games, Magmic also develops and maintains a whole proprietary suite of technologies and tools to operate our games in market.

Privately owned, Magmic is located in the Byward Market, in the heart of Ottawa, Canada.

Phase 10 Facts Sheet

One Liner:

     The official Mobile Game


The race is on, and it’s new & improved! Advance through a rummy-type card game until you are the first to complete ten phases in the official Phase 10 app, available for [iPhone and iPad]!

Are you a fan of wickedly fun card games like Uno and Skip-Bo? Then compete against a cast of lively opponents in one of the best rummy-type card games of all-time! Select the difficulty and characters, unlock new game locations and unique phase sets, craft new items to customize your game, and play power-ups to enhance your game experience each time you play. Phase 10 takes all the fun of the classic family card game and updates it for your modern, mobile, on-the-go life.

How to Play

A phase is a combination of cards that can be composed into sets (multiple cards of the same

value), runs (multiple cards in consecutive ascending order), cards of one color, groupings of even or odd numbers, or a combination of these. Each phase is specific to each hand dealt, meaning you must complete the current phase to advance.

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Magmic first released Phase 10 mobile on Blackberry in 2007. In 2009, the game was improved and released on smartphone. Over 90 subsequent updates were done over the years.

Since the initial release Phase 10 has amassed over 10 million downloads.  The 4.0 release represents a complete, from ground up, rebuild of the game’s graphics, UX and gameplay.

Date Of Release:

    Oct 22nd, 2018


    iOs and Android

Price/Monetization Model:

     Freemium Ads and In-App Purchases

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Game Features

● Play Classic Phase 10: complete the original 10 phases - as much as you want, for free!

● Unlock new and exotic themes, each with a fun new set of phases

● Get to know a cast of unique unlockable characters

● Use Wild and Skip cards, and power-up advantages to increase your chances of winning

● Track your progress as you play the core game and explore a variety of side missions

● Build your prize collection: craft new items to use in-game

● Participate in special events to win fun limited-time prizes

● Challenge yourself: customize your settings and difficulty levels

● Get started with an interactive tutorial, or jump right into the game


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